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Ello, remember me?

Posted by chesquared17 on 2009.09.17 at 22:20
Current Mood: Ticked-Off
Well I first off would like to say that I'm so sorry for leaving for such a looooong time V_V.
As soon as I got back the jaebum incident happened, and well I've been twittering and 2oneday-ing ever since I came back.
To top that off My comp absolutely hates me.
It recently crashed, and thank god it's fixed now.
-_- I had a lot of stuff on there. D=. and and I lost my memory slot thingy.
Bummer. And I know you guys are probably thinking "Excuses excuses excuses"
I would think the same V_V.
Sorry guys.

... I want to put a hiatus on this community in support of
HOTTESTs decision about boycotting.
I never believed in something so much that I will
fight till the very end for what I believe for.
So please understand me guys.
Sorry for the short notice.
But Today is the last day.
When Jay comes back that's when I'll open this up again.

No more. No less. No one else.


Posted by chesquared17 on 2009.07.02 at 18:08
Current Location: Chansunggie's Heart (kekekee)
Current Music: Tell me your Wish - Snsd.
Hi Everyone!

Well I decided to make a few changes. Hopefully they're good ones.
Anyways this community has almost 40 members!! Woooootness!
And and and I decided to make the posts locked within a Day.
Starting Tomorrow.
So all of you people who are lazy to join, better join to get the good stuff.
Yeeeps the hot, sexy, cute, adorable Stuff. Ya'll know you all like it >:D.

(Bee & jessikah you guys know how to do that right?)

oh And check out our Tags to make your lives simpler. (I finally found out how to manage them taggies)
And as the days go by we'll have more tags, and more gifs to share with all of you chansunggie lovers.

So for now... PEACE ^^ \/


Posted by chesquared17 on 2009.06.17 at 21:22
Hotness Ain't It?

Join the Community
to get more goodies such as this ^_________^.
WE have a wide variety of Chansung gifs to share. >D.